The Finest in BYU Idaho Approved Men's Housing 

Precor Exercise Bike


The Activate Series Treadmill has an intuitive design that’s perfect for exercise rookies or veterans and features the comfort of the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System. This Life Fitness treadmill is sleek, durable and an asset to facilities of any size.

Chin/Dip/Leg Raise


  •  Three body weight exercises in one, space-efficient unit


  •  Multiple pull-up grip angles offer variety and comfort

  • Contoured elbow pads and oversized dip handles provide added comfort

Smith Machine

  •  7-degree bar angle follows the natural free weight path of movement for pressing or squatting

  •   Fully enclosed linear bearings with unsupported guide rods​


  •   Counter weight inside the D-tube eliminates shrouds

  •  Shown with optional Multi-Adjustable Bench

  •   Start resistance of 20 lb (9 kg)

Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • 1:4 resistance level on weight stack provides lower starting resistance ideal for less experienced users. Also allows for higher speed movements that are suitable for sport-specific training


  • Dual roller mechanism or pulley housing provides a smooth and easy adjustment. 20 adjustment positions per column create a wide variety of exercises

  • Standard accessory kit with 9 different handles, an instructional poster and instructional CD provide all the training tools necessary for a complete strength training program

  •  Attachments Include: 2 Short Strap Handles, 2 Long Strap Handles, 1 Ankle Strap, 1 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Strap, 1 Long Bar, 1 Short Bar (a.k.a. Sport Bar), 1 Triceps Rope, Waist Belt 

Shelbourne  has new exercise equipment for your workout program including Lifefitness weight machines and


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