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The Basics:

Laundry Tips: For help with stains or solving other laundry cleaning problems, click on the following sites:


Laundry tips  (a good site for all sorts of laundry advice)

In each apartment Shelbourne uses the most energy efficient Whirlpool washers and dryers available. These units are different from what you are used to at home, the washers load from the front, use less detergent (important!) and wash more clothing than top loaders. The dryers are computer controlled. It is very important not to overload the dryers, your clothes will not dry properly if you do.

 While not glamorous, doing laundry is now your responsibility and you want it to go smoothly and in as short a time as possible. Nothing is better than our new Whirlpool's.

  • Sort by colors, light versus dark

  • Do not overfill the machine

  • Select the proper fabric cycle, see instructions posted on the wall

  • The door on the machine will lock until the cycle finishes. Do not try to force it open during the cycle.

  • Add the correct type and amount of detergent. If you do not use the recommended HE type of detergent, use only one half the dose or 1/8 th cup of regular detergent. More detergent does not equal better cleaning. It actually will leave your clothes with a residue.

  • One washer load equals one dryer load

  • Washer Instructions: Front-loading washers require only 1/4 cup of soap. The manufacturer recommends HE (High Efficiency) detergents (such as Tide HE), which are formulated specifically for front-loading washers. HE detergent is available at local grocery stores. If more than 1/4 cup of soap is used, your clothing will not come out as clean as it could be.​​

Laundry Tips