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What to Consider When Choosing Your Apartment...

Why Choose Shelbourne?

You have a lot of choices at BYU Idaho as to where you want to live.  This is an important decision that you should think about carefully. A few of the things that you might want to consider are:

The Size of the Whole Complex. Are you just one of the masses, or does your manager actually know you and call you by name?  We do at Shelbourne. Can visitors even find your specific apartment? Is it easy to get lost?

The Size of Your Apartment. Take a look at the others, and then come look at Shelbourne.

The Owners. Are the owners a big corporation just looking at the bottom line or are they a family run business? Shelbourne is family owned and your satisfaction is important to us.

The Price. Are you paying for brand new construction that is nice for one semester and then is like every other complex?  Shelbourne is newer construction but you aren’t paying for bells and whistles that don’t add to your living experience.

Can you Open Your Windows?  Many new complexes have windows that do not open. So much for smelling the spring / fresh air whenever you want.

What Can You Smell When You Open Your Front Door?  Many complexes have interior hallways and the accompanying smell of the day that indoor hallways bring. 
At Shelbourne, your front door opens to the fresh outdoors.

Can you Barbecue Outside Whenever You Want? 
At Shelbourne, we have 2 masonry barbecues you can use year round if you want.

Parking. Do you have to hike forever to get from your parking garage to your room?
At Shelbourne, our parking lot is directly in front of your apartment.

Private Room. Can you have your own room to yourself? Shelbourne was designed and constructed for private rooms.

Proximity to Campus. Shelbourne is 2 to 3 blocks to campus. Not the closest but certainly not the farthest either.

Does Your Apartment have Air Conditioning? At Shelbourne each of our 
apartments has, it’s own furnace and A/C.